September 19, 2013

Sims 3 - A Special Snowflake Day

Bran is all alone in his family home now that Shaza and Hal have died of old age. Losing both his parents within a day of each other has left Bran in a bad mood, and still no supper--with Shaza gone now Bran will have to fend for himself, and he begins to make his own supper while I go about remodeling the home. I give Bran the dresser and mirror from his parents' room. Shaza had kept the greeting card that her and Bran had taken at the winter festival ages ago and I place the photograph on the mantle of the fireplace in the living room. I demolish the master bathroom in Shaza and Hal's room, selling the fixtures, and place the fireplace in the same space that used to occupy the bathroom. The master bedroom transforms into a small study when I place the chess table and potted plant.

The Le'Gacy homestead

At least Bran still has his imaginary friend, Fluffs, around to keep him company in his loneliness and the doll seems to understand something is up because it helps tidy up around the house. In his grief I don't think it is wise that Bran be alone, and although it is nice to have Fluffs around Bran needs the comfort of another Sim, and he picks up the phone to invite Sandi over. She agrees to visit, and Bran speaks with Fluffs; he is a young adult now and has a romantic interest in Sandi--Fluffs has to leave Bran alone now.

When Sandi comes over Bran confides in her what has happened and cries on her shoulder. Sandi just puts her arms around Bran and tries to console him. Bran follows Sandi to the living room and invites her to stay overnight, which she happily accepts, and then gives her a graduation gift--one of Shaza's books that Bran inherited. The two spend some time chatting and getting to know each other a little better, and Bran gets his courage up and begins flirting with Sandi. She blushes, but isn't deterred by Bran's advances (despite Bran still being romantically involved with Delbert) and when Bran invites Sandi to his room to cuddle on the bed she follows along happily.

Bran and Sandi canoodle above the covers, kissing and petting, until Bran makes his move and asks Sandi to woohoo. The pair jump under the covers and Bran has his first woohoo; for the first time since becoming a young adult Bran is not falling asleep alone, and he happily cuddles up with Sandi, after the act is finished, and the two fall asleep curled in each other's arms. Bran is the first one up in the morning and after a quick trip to the bathroom he begins making a hot breakfast for him and Sandi, and the pancakes are ready just as Sandi wakes. Instead of going for the hot pancakes Sandi grabs a bowl of leftover food from the fridge. Bran puts his dishes away, and at the dishwasher has a small cry over the death of his mother.

Bran expresses his fondness for Sandi and the two smooch. Sandi heads towards the living room and turns on the stereo, but Bran has better plans and asks her to woohoo in the shower with him. Sandi giggles and follows Bran. Sandi dances in glee at just how naughty her and Bran were while Bran goes about doing some gardening, watering and harvesting the plants all in the name of job performance. When the gardening is done Bran heads inside and flirts a little with Sandi and attempts to cast a good luck charm on her, but it backfires and he gets the unlucky moodlet for his efforts. The two continue to flirt, and Bran even gives Sandi a bouquet of roses, but it is starting to get late and I send Bran to bed after cleaning up from breakfast.

As Bran sleeps Sandi continues to dance in the living room, obviously pleased with herself for not only woohooing with a celebrity but also getting down out of her own home--twice. Early morning she decides that she is going to head home, and besides Bran forgot to ask her to stay over again.

Overnight the first snow of winter comes down to blanket the yard, and is still coming down by the time Bran wakes. While Bran grabs some leftovers from the fridge I put the books in his inventory away on the shelf. The last time Shaza used the computer, working on the incomplete biography of Sandi, it had broken down. Bran does not have the handiness skill available to repair the computer, so he calls someone in to repair it for him. Turns out the computer isn't the only thing broken in the home and when Bran finishes up a workout on the stereo he finds the repairman plunging the toilet. The repairman finishes up as fast as he can and shoos himself out of the room to let Bran, smelly from his workout, in for a shower.

Snow has covered the plants outside, but there is one plant inside that is ready to be harvested and Bran tends to it--learning the gardening skill--and then calls up Sandi to invite her over. When Sandi comes over she walks into the house and parks herself in the living room. Bran comes from the bedroom to greet and flirt with Sandi. Once again Bran cries on her shoulder, overcome with the pain of losing his parents, and once again tries to cast a good luck charm on Sandi. This time it works!

Bran invites Sandi to stay overnight once more and the two cuddle on the couch until Bran gets up to grab some leftovers from the fridge. He returns to the living room to flirt and socialize with Sandi more, and then takes her to the bathroom to woohoo in the shower once more before bed. Bran only gets a few hours sleep in before the alarm goes off, waking him for work. He grabs a quick bite to eat when he gets up and then rushes off to work.

Sandi is still asleep when Bran leaves, but as soon as he gets to work she wakes and quickly leaves the house noticing that she has overstayed. When Bran gets home from work he goes about weeding the plants, despite being covered in a thick layer of snow, and then tends the blooming plant in the study. In order to advance through his career Bran needs to brush up on his gardening and he heads down to the library to read a gardening book. The full moon is beginning to rise as he arrives at the library and a few of the local werewolves begin to transform, drawing the attention of the rest of the library patrons. Instead of focusing on his gardening Bran decides to use the full moon to his advantage and practices some magic.

His few hours sleep are very apparent as Bran begins to stumble around with sleep deprivation and he heads home, going straight to bed. Bran had gone to bed so early that he wakes up still in the night, but as soon as he is awake I receive a notification that it is snowflake day once more, and Bran receives a decent sized holiday bonus of $1300. Awesome!

He works out and then showers and tends the potted plant before heading out on the town to collect some metal and gems and then to the gym to continue working out, but on real exercise equipment. The gym is crawling with people looking to get fit, including Bran's former lover Delbert. Bran breaks it to him that they are no longer together; Delbert insults Bran and in anger Bran casts an Ice Blast at his ex--only to have it backfire!

Shivering with the backfired spell Bran changes into his outdoor wear and heads to the party that Sandi has invited him to. Bran has never been to Sandi's house before, he has always invited her over, and when he gets there he is surprised. Sandi's house is HUGE!!! Not just big, but massive with stairs and passages going everywhere. The party is already in full swing by the time that Bran gets to the house, and he heads in search of Sandi right away. They spend most of the night chatting and flirting, and Bran asks Sandi if he can stay over after the party (which she of course says yes to).

There are a few other celebrities milling about the Muller residence, including the local vampire Bob Newbie. Bran tries to impress Bob and, as soon as he mentions that his mother is Shaza Le'Gacy, the vampire recognizes him. The party begins to wind down and Sandi thanks everyone for coming over; as everyone else is leaving the Muller household Bran is playing guitar.

Bran waits until Sandi is all done cleaning up, laying on the romantic moves. He has a special snowflake day present for Sandi; he gets down on one knee and asks her to take their relationship to the next level.

Bran: Sandi, will you marry me?

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