September 29, 2013

Sims 3 - The Honeymoon, Baby

Bran worked up the nerve to ask Sandi for her hand in marriage. After a rousing bachelor party the couple throw a successful wedding party and say their I do's. Sandi joins the household and the newlywed couple are given a few days off to spend their honeymoon together. Growing up with only his elderly parents Bran wants to have a number of children with Sandi and, the first time they woohoo after the wedding, Bran asks his new wife if she would like to try for a baby and start their family.

The couple spend their time off during the honeymoon to hone a few skills. Bran raises his gardening skill for work, and Sandi picks up any skill that pops up as a wish. Only a few days into their honeymoon Sandi starts to feel nauseous, but she tries to sleep it off; she isn't asleep long before she wakes up and races to the bathroom to throw up. Both Bran and Sandi are awake and decide to stay up for a little while. Sandi makes some breakfast while Bran finishes exercising, getting fatigued as part of an opportunity. Sandi no sooner finishes her breakfast than she is running to the bathroom once more--probably something to do with Bran's bad body odor from his tiring work out.

Bran once again invites Sandi to the new shower to woohoo. When they finish up Sandi heads outside to tend to the garden, harvesting the ripe produce, while Bran weeds the plants and disposes of any that have gone barren. Some of the barren plants Bran culled he had enough seeds and plants available to replace some of the culled plants, and Sandi plants a red valerian root in the indoor plant pot. As she is harvesting more produce Sandi comes to a sudden realization: she's pregnant!

She finishes up her task outside as quickly as possible, overjoyed, and heads inside to tell Bran the good news. Bran is in the middle of exercising, raising his athletic skill and performing for the opportunity, when Sandi comes in to tell him.

Bran could not be happier; not only has he gotten married to the love of his life, he is also going to be a daddy. While Bran washes up and has a nap Sandi whips up some grilled hot dogs for supper. Bran wakes from his nap, eats and then washes up some dishes that he received at work as an opportunity. As soon as supper is eaten and put away Bran and Sandi head to bed, exhausted from their long day out in the garden.

The next morning Sandi wakes early, and it is Love Day! When Bran wakes up he presents Sandi with a bouquet of red roses, and a steamy kiss. Bran can tell that Sandi is a little sore from the pregnancy and offers her a massage, which makes her melt. As soon as he knows it is open Bran invites his wife to the Spring Festival on a date, and she happily goes with him.

They test the love machine, and it says that their love is Burning! The last time the machine saw sparks fly like this someone had spilled soda all over it. This could bode well for the newlywed, newly expecting couple. During the festival Bran and Sandi head into the greeting card booth to take a photo to remember their first Love Day as a married couple.

After the greeting card photo is taken Bran and Sandi pack it in at the Spring Fling Festival and head to the bistro for a bite to eat. Both of them have been invited to a party and, even though Sandi is shy and feels uncomfortable as it is at the bistro, the two pack up and head to the party--fashionably late from their interrupted lunch at the bistro. Sandi changes into her maternity swimwear, a slimming black one-piece, but even beneath the swimsuit the pregnancy bump is impossible to miss.

Some of the guests at the party are more famous than Bran and Sandi, and they both work on impressing their own celebrities at the party. Bran drops his mother's name and Bob Newbie; Sandi drops Bran's name and her brother's. Both impress the respective celebrities and spend some time getting to know their hosts. Bran practices his magic skill, casting a successful good luck charm on a werewolf guest, and the host of the party gushes over Sandi's growing belly. As the party winds down the couple leave for the library so Sandi can brush up on her gardening skill and Bran can raise his cooking ability. It doesn't take long for Bran to gain a level in his skill and the couple decide to call it a night and head home.

Once home the date ends on a fantastic note. Sandi heads into the living room to rock while Bran runs to use the master bathroom. Not long after getting home Bran gets on his broom and heads down to the Alchemy Shop to collect the gems in the yard and use the gem cutting machine. While he is at the shop he consigns some items--the full moon is approaching and consigned items tend to do better around this time--before returning home to bed and his sleeping, pregnant wife.

Sandi wakes the next morning and heads to the kitchen to fix her and Bran some breakfast. A wish that she has is to read a pregnancy book and, after breakfast, Sandi heads out to the grocery store to sell some produce in her inventory and pick up a few books for the house. Sandi returns home from her outing, having picked up a couple pregnancy books and children's books, and immediately sits down at the kitchen table to read the pregnancy book. Bran wakes not long after Sandi gets home and goes to work on the garden, trying to improve the skill for work.

When Bran finishes up in the garden he heads out to the stadium, having fatigued himself working out from an opportunity; he gets $400 for completing the opportunity and discussing his limits. While he is out Bran he picks up his father's old guitar and plays, but no one is around to hear it. Bran wishes to perform a conversion spell and he picks an apple--something he has plenty of from conjuring and harvesting. The apple turns into an unknown rare seed, something Bran does not yet have enough knowledge to plant, but he picks it up for later use. Bran had previously picked up some ladybugs from outside the alchemy shop, but they aren't worth much to sell or through donation at the science center, and he casts the conversion spell on it. The ladybugs turn into a bloodstone and Bran rushes home to get it cut.

Sandi has finished reading her pregnancy book, and just in time. Bran is on his way home from the stadium when Sandi's water breaks and she goes into labor! The contractions are too much for Sandi and she heads for the hospital to give birth. Bran is pulling into the drive as Sandi is pulling away from the house, but Bran is unaware of the imminent birth and goes about sending the bloodstone off to be cut and checks the mail, getting some wedding gifts from friends.

Bran gets a call from the hospital and, as soon as he hears that the baby is coming, he races for the hospital on his broom. He makes it just in time for the baby to come. Sandi and Bran welcome a healthy baby girl that they name Aerith (after one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters); Sandi had a good pregnancy and for Aerith's traits I end up rolling Loves the Outdoors and Clumsy.

Sandi heads home with baby Aerith.

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