September 13, 2013

Sims 3 - Death is not "The End"

It seems like just yesterday that Bran had been brought into the simulated world, and now he has come of age and graduated, elected class valedictorian. He has even had his first kiss with his classmate, Sandi Muller, and things are looking up for him. Following the graduation ceremonies Shaza plays guitar outside city hall while Hal heads home to relax in the rocking chair. After his first kiss with Sandi, Bran and Shaza finish up at city hall and head home themselves.

Once home Shaza starts in making some supper for the family while Bran showers and tries his hand at discovering a potion. With Bran grown up he needs some grown up adjustments to his childhood bedroom. I put his single bed into the family inventory and buy him a nice, new double bed so that he might be able to have Sandi over. And, if Bran does plan on having an adult sleepover with Sandi he can't have Shaza and Hal busting into his room to use the rocking chair or grab a book, so I move the bookcase and rocking chair to the living room to give Bran some privacy. One last adjustment that needs being done is to move the chess table from the hallway to the living room and to hang Bran's awards from the graduation ceremony on the walls of his room.

Bran, working at the chemistry table, fails to discover a potion but increases his logic skill before heading to the kitchen to grab a plate of supper. After all the excitement of the graduation ceremony Bran has lost track of time and he accidentally calls Sandi after midnight to invite her over. It is far too late for Sandi's tastes and she declines the invitation--well, there's always another day. Bran helps his parents around the house a little, cleaning the kitchen and taking out the trash, before heading to bed. The new double bed is surprisingly roomy, but with only Bran it is a little on the lonely side.

Shaza is nearly completed her latest novel and she pushes through the night, pumping out the last pages of the masterpiece, bringing in a very nice royalty payment of more than $3000! With this project finished Shaza heads to bed with plans to start the requested biography on Sandi Muller soon.

Bran is the first one to wake the next morning and he cleans out the spoiled food from the fridge and then grabs a bowl of leftovers. He is in an exceptionally good mood, from being elected class valedictorian and having his first kiss, and his brand new bed gave him the best night sleep that he has ever had. Shaza and Hal wake as Bran is in the middle of his breakfast, Hal to grab his own leftover breakfast and Shaza to answer a phone call from Angel Lobos. Angel asks Shaza out on a date, but she declines and heads off to the kitchen to grab her own breakfast.

With his parents awake Bran calls up Sandi Muller and invites her out on a date to the fall festival, which she thankfully accepts. Bran's heart is racing as he heads off to meet up with Sandi--hopefully this goes well. Back home the elder Sims have chores to take care of in the home and around the garden, and Shaza has that biography on Sandi Muller to start. With Bran spending time with the subject of Shaza's biography perhaps he will get some insight that she can use for her book.

By the time Bran gets to the fall festival grounds Sandi is already there, waiting just outside the doors for him. Bran greets Sandi warmly and the two lovebirds chat for a few minutes; Bran gets a bright idea and invites Sandi to a pie eating contest, which she obliges. No one else seems interested in the contest, so it is just Bran and Sandi.

Bran ends up the winner of the contest, but no hard feelings between him and Sandi (though she does motion that she needs to use the bathroom and runs off, ending the date. With Sandi gone Bran makes the best of his time at the festival and speaks with Hunter Cotteneye, the werewolf that Shaza had invited to Bran's last birthday party. Hunter is not interested--he is a celebrity and Bran isn't famous enough to socialize with him, yet. Good thing that the Le'Gacy house has amassed a decent amount of wealth since Shaza moved to Riverview, and it certainly doesn't hurt that both Shaza and Hal are celebrities. Bran doesn't have to do much more than drop Shaza's name and mention the Le'Gacy family name for Hunter to recognize Bran as the teen he just watched become a young adult (though with pie smeared on his face, I don't blame him) and welcomes Bran into the world of celebrity status.

Shaza gets invited to Walter Grisby's party, across the street and down the road from the Legacy homestead. Despite the hail Walter has insisted on having the party attire be swimsuits, though no one is interested in swimming in this weather. Shaza chats with a few of the celebrities that have come at Walter's invitation, and having a high enough celebrity level Shaza has no problems chatting with most of the guests. She even breaks out the guitar and starts playing for the pleasure of the crowd.

Bran returns home shortly after his mother leaves for the party and heads straight for the shower. Hal has finished up in the garden, the chilly weather making his teeth chatter, and I send him to the master bathroom to clean up from the gardening and try to warm up a bit. While the men are cleaning themselves up I make some adjustments to the living room, adding a fireplace and rearranging the furniture to accommodate the new structure. The fireplace adds some light and warmth to the room, and makes it feel a little more homey.

After Bran's shower he heads into the small room at the end of the hallway to try to discover a potion, but all he discovers is what not to mix together, nearly blowing himself up. Singed and scorched Bran steps away from the chemistry table and goes into the living room to workout before bed. Shaza gets up from the rocking chair and heads into the kitchen to grab some leftovers before she, too, turns in for the night...or rather early morning.

Shortly after Bran and Shaza head to bed I receive a notification that it is Spooky Day, but considering the late hour in which they went to bed the only one up at a decent hour is Hal. He goes about the morning taking care of the garden and trying to fulfill an opportunity to do three hours of quick burst workouts. I eventually have to wake Shaza and Bran up so that they can enjoy Spooky Day as well. Though the two complain at first of being tired they seem to wake up fairly quickly, Shaza going about starting her biography on Sandi Muller and Bran getting showered and grabbing a bite to eat, planning to take Sandi out on another date.

Hal finishes up his own shower and sits down at the table with his son, chatting and bonding over leftovers. Bran gets up as he finishes his plate and begins to dial Sandi's number, even deciding on the Fall Festival as their date spot, when Hal suddenly...dies.

Shaza rushes to the kitchen and Bran gets off his call with Sandi to watch as the Grim Reaper comes for Hal. As Hal is making his way to death Bran is sobbing uncontrollably, but Shaza remains stoic. It is only when Hal is gone and only his urn remains that Shazaa finally breaks down in tears. This is the first death that my legacy has encountered within the household, but it certainly will not be the last. I move Hal's urn outside where it turns into a tombstone, and I place the tombstone at the bottom of the rise where the garden is planted.

Despite losing his father Bran picks up the phone once more and calls Sandi, inviting her out on that date. Now is as good a time as ever to try to build a relationship with someone in town. Sandi greets him at the entrance of the festival and Bran greets her politely before dashing off to the bathroom. There is an apple bobbing contest being held and Bran asks Sandi to join him once he is done in the men's room--if the apple bobbing is anything like the pie eating this should be a fun way to spend the date! By the time that Bran finishes in the bathroom the apple bobbing contest is underway, both he and Sandi losing their spots in the competition. Bran signs the two of them up for another pie eating contest instead.

Bran is not the only one keeping busy in the wake of Hal's death; Shaza also heads out on the town, in hopes of finding something to soothe her broken heart. Before Hal's death he had harvested a lot of produce and Shaza heads to the town center to sell some of his wares, and she makes a good sale on produce, then heading to the bistro to grab a meal.

Bran and Sandi are in the middle of the pie eating contest when the venue closes and the contest is ended prematurely with no winner decided. With the venue closed Bran decides to invite Sandi over to the Le'Gacy homestead, but she's a little tired from a fun day at the festival and heads home before Bran is able to ask her to stay the night. Oh well, at least he and Sandi had a great date at the festival, even if he is going to bed alone again. For the first time in a very long time Shaza is also going to bed alone. The bed seems so much bigger than she remembered and, with no Hal, colder.

When Bran wakes the next morning he heads to the Alchemy Shop to collect the gems and metal around the store and consign some items. He is up before his mother and heads off. Bran uses the gem cutting machine at the Alchemy Shop to cut some gems that he has collected around town and he is able to consign the cut gems, as well as the gem dust, for some extra money.

 Since becoming a young adult Bran has yet to find a job, so when he is done at the Alchemy Shop he heads to the science lab and applies for an entry level position there. After all, he is the heir and he will have to help bring in some of the family.

Shaza, through blurred vision (and constant thought bubbles of Hal) continues work on her biography on Sandi Muller. It isn't long before Shaza pulls herself from the computer to begin preparation for dinner for her and Bran. Bran returns home, having gotten the position of test subject at the lab, and begins going to work on the garden, planting a few new trees. He gets a little dirty from working out in the garden, but he heads in for a shower while supper is cooking. Shaza takes a break from preparing the hot dogs to run to the washroom.

Bran is in the washroom himself, practicing his magic skills, when Shaza--still in the middle of cooking dinner--dies of old age as well.

Bran is distraught; he has lost both his mother and his father within a day of each other. The Le'Gacy household feels so much bigger, and a whole lot emptier, without Shaza and Hal around. While Bran is still mourning over the most recent death of his mother I move her remains outside and place her tombstone side by side with Hal.

Here lie Hal (left) and Shaza (right)

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