September 09, 2013

Sims 3 - Coming of Age

Despite the past break in Bran is determined to have a great party. He is finally becoming a young adult, and coming of age to carry on the legacy that his mother started. He arrives home from school to get the house ready for his party, pulling the buffet table once more from his family inventory while his mother takes care of some chores around the house. Over the past few days Bran has gained enough lifetime happiness points that he is able to afford a new lifetime reward; the Le'Gacy household likes to throw parties at birthdays and I figure the best reward for Bran right now is Legendary Host. He has just enough points to also get the Simmunity reward and I get this one for him as well, making sure that he will never get ill again.

With the party only a few hours away and everything nearly set up I decide to make a few quick changes to the homestead, purchasing a barbecue and a small table for the birthday cake, and of course purchasing the birthday cake. Shaza and Bran sit down to a game of chess together as they wait for the first guests to show up for the festivities while Hal finishes up in the garden, harvesting what will likely be the last of the crops before winter sets in. Shaza splits from the chess game with Bran to load the buffet table with goodies.

As Hal heads off for work for the day the first of the guest, Lynda--a girl from Bran's class, shows up, followed shortly by Sandi. Bran starts off the party by grabbing a plate of sushi from the buffet table. Sandi and Lynda each grab a plate and sit down at the table, chatting with Bran. The invited adults show up, carrying plates of their own food for the party, including fried peanut butter sandwiches and cheesesteak. Yummy!

Bran after finishing his meal heads for the living room to socialize with his guests and dance to the music blasting from the stereo. Shaza, not wanting to be left out of the party, starts up a game of darts with Angel Lobos who has taken an interest in my family's founder. Bran is beginning to exhibit some signs of sleepiness and, before he can get too tired and grumpy, I have him head to the kitchen to blow out the candles on his birthday cake and age up.

Generation 2


Bran Le'Gacy



Somehow during some part of his life Bran lost one of his traits, Can't Stand Art, and he has only ended up with four traits when he comes of age to young adult.

Lifetime Wish

Mystic Healer (Cure 12 different transformed Sims using the Sunlight Charm or Potent Cure Elixir)


Country (music)
Fish and Chips (meal)
Pink (color)

After blowing out the candles Bran sits down to have a piece of birthday cake with his friends and family, and he watches as Fluffs ages from a teenage Imaginary Friend to a young adult. Hal finishes up work shortly after Bran blows out the candles with a promotion and the extra funds that come with the promotion.

All the guests at Bran's coming of age party have had a great time, and around midnight the party breaks up. Bran heads to bed while his mom cleans up, putting away the leftover food that the guests had brought and cleaning out spoiled food from the fridge, before she and Hal both head to bed. The entire family is super happy, Shaza and Hal from witnessing their baby boy grow up and Bran from having such a great party. Now that Bran is a young adult he has some new responsibilities that come with being the household heir.

The next morning his first responsibility is to clean up the buffet table from the previous evening's festivities so the buffet table can go back into the family inventory, along with the table his cake had been placed on, and after cleaning himself up making sure to pay the bills. Bran has yet to find a rainbow gem to make Fluffs real, and it is starting to get less and less likely that Bran will find it in time to carry on the Le'Gacy name. At least he has Sandi Muller to woo.

With the bills paid and his hygiene taken care of Bran gets ready for his graduation ceremony at city hall; Shaza and Hal wake, change into their formal attire, and head off to watch their son graduate from school. The ceremonies go well, and Bran is elected class valedictorian because of his outstanding performance in school. He has also been voted most likely to be a millionaire by his classmates.

Sandi Muller is one of the graduating students from Bran's class and he decides that there is no better time than now to make his move. Bran offers to cast a good luck charm on Sandi, and then begins flirting with her and holding hands. She doesn't seem to object to his affection and he goes in for a kiss to seal the deal. This time Sandi doesn't object and the two share their first kiss.

How cute!

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