September 23, 2013

Sims 3 - Bachelor Parties and I Do's

Sandi invited Bran over to a feast party at her home, the first time that he had ever been to her place, on snowflake day. After all the other guests had left Bran decided to make this snowflake day one for the memory books and proposed to Sandi. They celebrate with a woohoo in one of the huge bathrooms in Sandi's mansion, and then head to bed together. That night Bran dreams a lot about his impending future of being a married man.

He wakes early the next morning and heads home with just enough time to grab a bite to eat and schedule his bachelor party for later that evening. Bran has not made a lot of friends in his life, having spent most of his childhood at home due to snowstorms and his teen years focusing his attention on finding a perfect match. Most of the friends he has are women, but I want Bran to have a male-bonding shindig with celebrity guest, Bob Newbie, and a few others.

While Bran is at work I do some rearranging of the house, bringing out the handy old buffet table, and moving the dartboard and stereo into the kitchen. Despite his efforts Bran is late to work, but is still rewarded on his impressive efforts. By the time that he has finished work it has started storming, thunder crashing, but that does not deter Bran. He cleans out his fridge and sets the buffet table  in preparation for the party, taking some time to tend the indoor plant in the study. With a few hours to go before the party Bran grabs the mail, receiving a gift from Sandi.

Bob Newbie is the first guest to show up, and Bran gets changed into his bachelor party gear.

The remaining guests begin to arrive shortly after Bob and Bran starts the party off by everyone to a round of darts. Bran is no better than acquaintances with any of the guests at the party and he needs to get to know them a little better.

Partway through the dart game a dancer the other guys hired shows up. Sandi probably wouldn't approve, but Bran will soon be a married man--he might as well enjoy this while he can. Bran tries to ask a few of his guests to give him a toast, but he doesn't know any of them well enough that they feel comfortable doing it for him. Bran chats with Bob trying to build their friendship.

It is getting late, Bran and his guests all starting to get tired, and they break up the party. Everyone compliments Bran on the party, it has been quite an epic shindig. Proud, Bran heads to bed--not bothered to clean up right away.

While Bran sleeps I prepare the yard for an outdoor wedding, setting up a wedding arch, chairs, and lighting. Bran cleans up everything from the night before and calls to throw a wedding party for a little later in the evening. He invites some friends from work, Bob Newbie, and of course the blushing bride The weather seems ready to vex me and it begins to rain by the time Bran leaves in the morning. With some extra cash available from his promotion he has enough funds to build a long room onto the house to house the wedding procession. At one end of the room I build a platform to act as a dance floor after the ceremonies and place the wedding arch at the other end.

By the time Bran gets home from work he is exhausted from the party the night before and the long day at work. There is not a lot of time before the ceremonies will begin so Bran clears the spoiled food from the buffet table and cleans up the kitchen before having a nap. When he wakes up the first guests are starting to arrive and Bran quickly sets the buffet table with some replacement food for the wedding party and begins greeting the guests.

With guests already dancing to the stereo I purchase the last thing Bran and Sandi need for their party: a wedding cake for after the vows. The couple dances together for a few minutes before going to socialize with others at the party. And then, it is time.

I now pronounce you...
With the vows said and rings exchanged, Sandi and Bran are married; I move Sandi into the Le'Gacy household and she brings a whopping $7000 into the family funds. Bran and Sandi move to the cake and cut it together.

When everyone has had a slice of wedding cake the party breaks up, everyone having a great time. Bran heads to bed and Sandi follows him, though she gets a makeover and new wardrobe before she gets to join Bran. For their honeymoon the happy couple get a few days off to spend with each other.

With the party disbanded Bran and Sandi sell the chairs and lights from the wedding party and move the wedding arch, table and buffet table into the family inventory. Now that they have recovered some of the cost of throwing the wedding party they are able to remodel the party room into a beautiful bathroom off the master suite. The bathroom has both a standing shower and a tub; the tub is placed on a platform in the corner of the bathroom with a half-wall to keep it out of sight of the door.

Sandi is the first to wake in the morning, though Bran wakes not long after her, and she goes right to cleaning the house from the previous evening's party. She and Bran were too tired from the evening before to woohoo on their wedding night, even though they have been doing the deed for a while already. Bran and Sandi exercise then grab a plate of turkey from the buffet table.

Now that he and Sandi are married there is one thing left for them to do, and he takes her hand and takes her to the bathroom to consummate their marriage and try for a baby.

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